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Currently every synagogue member is asked to contribute his or her own financial Terumah (offering) from their heart, within their own means which is a self-assessment using a suggested range as a guide. While the spirit of this payment model reflects the spirit of City Shul, the synagogue has fixed financial obligations to employees for administration, clergy and general operating expenses and overhead.

It is rare for a synagogue to operate on Terumah alone and the City Shul is no different. For the City Shul to operate fully from Terumahrevenue alone would required between $2200-$2800 per member unit. City Shul’s open encouragement of membership by individuals and families with limited financial means results in City Shul having a greater than average number of member units that pay Terumah at a low level.

City Shul Membership Terumah Schedule

Individual Terumah: Recommended $1200 (Min. Sustainable $850)
Individual Senior (65+) Terumah: Recommended $1180 (Min. Sustainable $613)
Student Terumah: $180
Family Terumah: Recommended $1950 (Min. Sustainable $1500)
Senior Family Terumah (both 65+) Recommended $1650 (Min. Sustainable $1180)
Single Parent Family Terumah Recommended $1360 (Min. Sustainable $950)
Under 30s Individual Terumah Recommended $618 (Min. Sustainable $360)

For recommended amounts, if a monthly payment option is required, please contact Rivka to learn more. Monthly payments are subject to an admin fee.

Family members over 25 yrs old must hold their own membership.

Terumah is 100% tax deductible. Tax receipts will be issued early 2020 by email.​​​​​​​

Family members over 25 yrs old must hold their own membership.

I / We are partners with City Shul through its Membership Covenant.  We accept City Shul's principles and agree to participate at least once a year at City Shul's 3 Pillars:

Torah (City Shul Educational programmes, in addition to religious school), Avodah (City Shul worship services, in addition to High Holy days), and Gemilut Chasadim (deeds of loving kindness, City Shul Tikkun Olam or social justice projects)

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Tue, 25 June 2019 22 Sivan 5779