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The Rabbi's message for April



This is a fraught time for Jews all over the world. I know there have been many other periods in Jewish history of darkness, antisemitism, and fear, but none of us expected in the 21st century to feel those things here in Toronto. So this year how are we to approach Pesach, the season of our redemption, a joyous time of celebration and freedom, and the arrival of spring which brings with it hope and renewal? How are we to approach Pesach with the hostages (as of this writing) still captive; with the Gazans (as of this writing) still suffering; with our nephews and nieces and friends and family (as of this writing) still being called up to the IDF reserves; with the war still ongoing and no end in sight (as of this writing) and with people of goodwill on both sides—on all sides if one can say that— in real despair? We all feel heartbroken as both the devastation in Gaza continues and the hostages remain in captivity.  

Yes, take that heartbreak and bring it to your Seder table. While holding fast to the dream of peace, to the hope of reconciliation, and to the promise of spring we can name our pain and share our fears while we still sing for redemption and remember our freedom. A Seder supplement called “Seder Interrupted” especially created by Rabbi Menachem Creditor for this unusual year has thoughtful readings and poetry. I was especially moved by “A Plague Poem" on page 61: Click HERE to download the supplement. And even with all the sorrow, we still are commanded to rejoice. Yes, commanded. And so we push through and have the hard conversations that might be around our table still filled with love for our tradition and for those who come to participate in it. May this Pesach bring us all a much-needed dose of hope and happiness! 

Rabbi Dr. Elyse Goldstein

Transition Task Force - Listening Circle, on ZOOM - Wednesday, April 17, 8 PM

City Shul has formed a Transition Task Force, co-chaired by Ottie Lockey and Shelley Albert. The purpose of this task force is distinct from the Rabbinic Search Committee. Its function is to help guide the Shul through the process of saying goodbye to Rabbi Goldstein in her current role, welcome our interim Rabbi Danny Gottlieb, and eventually to help welcome our settled rabbi into the City Shul community.

We would like to invite City Shul members to a Listening Circle, via Zoom, to share feelings and concerns arising from the rabbinical transition period. This gathering is not intended to solicit comments regarding the rabbinical search. The information gathered from this facilitated meeting will help the congregation and its leadership team communicate openly and transparently.

Our topics will cover events leading up to Rabbi Goldstein's transition to Rabbi Emerita and welcoming Rabbi Gottlieb. It is important to share our concerns, fears, hopes, and dreams for the future.


1. Group size will be a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 to ensure that everyone gets to participate. 

2. Latecomers will not be admitted as the meeting time will be limited to 90 minutes.

3. Members only. Adults only.

4. This event will not be live-streamed. A recording of this event will not be made available.

Please register HERE


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