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Welcome to City Shul!

Our Mission: We create pathways to explore and live an engaged, connected Jewish life.

The Rabbi's Message for February

Our City Shul mission is: "We create pathways to explore and live an engaged, connected Jewish life.” Our mission then goes on to suggest many different paths we can use to get to that engaged connected Jewish life, and you can read them HERE

For many people synagogue is about offering Shabbat and holiday services, and it starts and ends there. Thus many synagogues also think that's their sole raison d’être! Those who don’t find praying meaningful, those who cannot attend on a given Shabbat, and those who prefer other modes of Jewish identity may be left without a synagogue community or wondering why they should join a synagogue at all. City Shul has already resisted being a "one-trick pony” and understands that some people love Jewish text study, and some want to know if Judaism connects them to the environment, and some want to explore Jewish meditation and chanting, and others feel most Jewish when doing Tikkun Olam—social justice—with other Jews. All these pathways are legitimate and valued and help us reach our goal of connection to Judaism and to each other.

We have taken a bold step for 2023-24. We have decided that we will explore these pathways together once a month, in place of having a Shabbat morning service in a specific building that day. We will soon be presenting our calendar of once-a-month Shabbat experiences including text study, meditation, Tikkun Olam, hiking, biking, anything that can enhance your Shabbat experience of connecting to Judaism and connecting to each other. Some of these Shabbat activities will be geared to families with children and some will be geared towards adults and some will be for all ages. We hope these opportunities for spiritual growth will equally attract those who love to go to services and those who prefer other modalities.

The first event is Saturday March 4 at 10 am when we explore the character of Vashti at a pre-Purim study session at a member’s home, with brunch. And there WILL be hamantaschen! And Kaddish for those with a yartzeit. Stay tuned as we uncover more ways to create pathways to explore and live an engaged, connected Jewish life—together. 

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Mon, February 6 2023 15 Sh'vat 5783