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City Shul: Downtown Reform Synagogue

Downtown. Spiritual. Community. Creative. Welcoming. Warm. Intellectual. Musical. Inclusive. Finally!

These are the words we use to describe ourselves, and the words others use to describe us.

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Rabbi Goldstein's January Message

We create pathways to explore and live an engaged, connected Jewish life.

Pathways – Pray, Sing, Learn, Teach, Lead, Fix the World
Explore – Shabbat, holidays and festivals, lifelong learning, Israel engagement, music, food and culture.
Live – find community, make meaningful friendships, experience the impact that Judaism can have on your life.
Engaged – take a leadership role in services, host meals, educate your children, visit the sick, support mourners, join a committee.
Connected – to our texts and traditions, to each other, to our world through the lens of Jewish values.

Synagogues, like all organizations, need to constantly refine and communicate their mission.  You might think a synagogue’s mission is obvious—to be a place of prayer! But a synagogue goes so much deeper and needs to be so much broader than only that. People find their place in a synagogue through many doors—for some it is prayer but for others it is study, socializing, Tikkun Olam, food, life cycle occasions, school for children, and many other valid and even life-transforming “pathways.”  A mission statement is an organization’s attempt to define its raison d’etre— it’s purpose for being. It describes the organization's purpose and its overall intention. The City Shul mission statement supports our vision, and serves to communicate our purpose and direction to all our staff, our Leadership, and you—our stakeholders. You will be seeing it often in the new year on our communications, in our newsletter, on our website, even in our announcements. It’s role is to keep us mindful of not only our aspirations but also our responsibilities. Over the coming months we’ll be communicating more about the mission, and focusing on being mission-driven, hoping that each member and each person interested in our shul will find something reflected in the statement that resonates with them.

Online Shabbat Services

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Our Services Are Online Until Further Notice

Fri, January 21 2022 19 Sh'vat 5782