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City Shul: Downtown Reform Synagogue

Downtown. Spiritual. Community. Creative. Welcoming. Warm. Intellectual. Musical. Inclusive. Finally!

These are the words we use to describe ourselves, and the words others use to describe us.

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Rabbi Goldstein's Summer Message :: A Happier New Year — We Hope!

We all know the name of the Israeli national anthem: HaTikvah—The Hope. This name points to the deeply stubborn Jewish insistence on hope even in the most dire of circumstances. If we gave up hope, we as a people would simply not be here anymore. And so we look forward to 5782 with so much hope that we will be able to regather eventually, see our friends and grandchildren, and celebrate simchas. Now we face the challenge of what safe “re-entry” might look like, and balancing the deep need for human contact with the Jewish value of pikuach nefesh—preserving life. Our Leadership Team and Head Usher Jan Mitchell have worked closely with me to present a wide variety of high holiday options. We will need to be flexible with our expectations and patient with each other. Some folks will hug and others will not. Some folks will come indoors and others will not. Some may miss the capacity cutoff, and be disappointed when they are “sold out.” Others may feel zoom fatigue and opt out of it all. We are still one community! This year, we encourage all those who like what we offer and who wish to be in-person with us to consider becoming members of City Shul. Our membership sustains us all year long, insures our programme excellence, supports our clergy and staff to think big, and helps us be there for you, whatever the situation. And this year, membership is even more important and precious as we navigate a re-entry with limited capacity numbers and we slowly regain our ability to offer some of the most innovative programming in the whole city. Whether you are a member, a high holidays online pass holder, or a supporter who loves us from afar, we hope for you, and all those you love— a happier New Year.

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The Year In Retrospect: City Shul March 2020-2021

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Tue, August 3 2021 25 Av 5781