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Our Mission: We create pathways to explore and live an engaged, connected Jewish life.

The Rabbi's Message for June

As I approach the one-year mark to my retirement in June 2024, I find myself energized and excited to plan an amazing year ahead to share with you all. We will have time to study together, pray together, socialize together, and travel together. I want to leave City Shul ready for its future, with great memories as well as great plans ahead of us. To that end, I'm sharing some exciting upcoming projects I will be working on over the next few months:

1) Selichot, September 9: I’m very excited to offer a beautiful evening of study, music, prayer and yummy desserts as we join together to spiritually prepare for 5784, led by myself and our Hazzanit Tara Abrams

2) Open Sukkah, Sept 30: Yes, the entire congregation will be invited to stop by our backyard during the day to nosh, chat, and leave a note hanging in our Sukkah.

3) Adult Ed: I’m teaching a 4-week class in November on Judaism and the Big Questions, and in May an Adult Ed event "Ask the Rabbi" to talk/study anything and everything about Judaism, religion, spirituality, G-d, you name it! Stay tuned for dates and details.

4) Adult B’Mitzvah: Sat Dec 2: my last cohort!

5) Winter services: 2 live services in January and February with our Hazzanit plus 2 zoom services with me while I am in Israel! Let's stay connected!

6) Travel: Jewish Croatia tour May 26-June 6; come with me! I’ll be offering a Women’s Spirituality Trip to Israel sometime in the winter of 2025, and Jewish Portugal at the end of April 2025. I’ll keep you in the loop!

And of course, the GALA in mid-June 2024 to celebrate our 13 years together and my 40 years in the Rabbinate.

If you aren’t a member of City Shul, this is certainly the year to consider membership! Many of these events will be for members only, as a way for us to keep our relationship strong. Please talk to Barb, our Synagogue Administrator, about membership. HERE

While this one-year mark carries with it a tinge of sadness, it also opens the door to many new adventures together— filled with connection, community, and caring.

Rabbi Dr. Elyse Goldstein

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Thu, June 8 2023 19 Sivan 5783