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Dear CS Congregation,

We are delighted for the turnout that we had at the AGM on Monday night and thank everyone who joined us for bringing so much energy and interest to the process. Together we welcomed three new directors to the Leadership Team, amended our By-Laws, appointed new auditors, approved the financial statements, and expressed our gratitude to outgoing president Paul Robinson, and outgoing treasurer Tanya Kirsch, for their excellent leadership and tireless commitment to the shul.

Following the AGM, the LT held the first meeting of our new board and elected our officers. We are pleased to announce the directors who will be serving in officer roles for a period of one year: Barbara Wade Rose (President), Liron Taub (Vice President), Danielle Adler (Chair), Rob McCready (Treasurer) and Carly Ziniuk (Secretary). 

A committee from City Shul worked hard for two years to find a temporary home for the redevelopment period of BSU's Bloor Street site. We were working with prospective host St. Andrews United Church and BSU on a memorandum of understanding when a month ago St. Andrews changed its mind, and halted the move for both BSU and City Shul. The Bloor Street BSU development has, however, been put on hold and CS is welcome to stay there for the foreseeable future. In the fall we will resume our work on finding a new space.

And now, with the summer upon us, we wish to share with you our four priorities (in no particular order) and what you can expect from us in the coming months. 

Priority: Health & Healing

After a very long and arduous winter/spring, it is time for your City Shul team of staff and lay leaders to turn our attention to two very important matters: our own health— both physical and mental—  and  the High Holidays, which this year will  certainly be different, creative and special. Our staff will be rotating through times off, and at different points each one will be unplugged from email. However please continue to reach out to us through all through the summer, and we will keep in touch with you through weekly emails as usual. 

Priority: High Holidays

We will be sending details soon about what you can expect regarding High Holiday with City Shul this year. We are working very hard to plan both services and programming that will create the unique, engaging and inspirational experiences you have come to expect - and deserve! - from City Shul, while following all health and safety COVID-related rules.

Priority: Summer Services

With the pace of keeping up with ever-changing technologies and literally re-creating our shul as an online presence, certainly many of us feel "zoom fatigue.” This summer, we will have three online services (Sats July 11 and Aug 8, and Friday Aug 28), plus varied adult ed programmes. We will keep you informed of additional online communal opportunities through our weekly email.

Priority: Membership, Renewals and Fundraising

We look forward to the personal conversations we will be having with you in the coming weeks.

It has taken enormous creativity, work and will have been no small feat to pivot into the Cloud and deliver our very best for our congregants this year. We are proud of how well it worked. We will keep everything— and you— going strong for the rest of 2020 and the year 5781. Your City Shul community will come together stronger than ever for the duration of this pandemic and when we are finally able to meet again in person, City Shul will still be the spiritual home you have come to love.

Wishing you a wonderful and restful summer!

Barbara Wade Rose, President

Rabbi Elyse Goldstein

Some Fun W/Rabbi G.

A Message from the LT


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Mon, 6 July 2020 14 Tammuz 5780