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*Important reminder that many of our online workshops are recorded in order to make sure we can focus on the live class and for those who cannot make it, to be able to view it later.  If you are not comfortable with being recorded, you can leave the class and watch it later, or you can take your video off your zoom setting for the session. 

Please DO NOT text or email the Rabbi for technical issues, please email or send a text message to 416-613-1309

Wednesday June 3rd, 1:00pm. Growing a Jewish Community in Guatemala. Speakers: Rabbi Goldstein will interview Rebecca Orantes, a community leader of the Jewish community of Adat Israel Judaismo Reformista in Guatemala City, Guatemala, who will share her community's unique experience. Register here.


Tuesday June 9th, 7:30pm. Jewish Trivia Night with Micah Sienna. Pub-style trivia on "fun-fact" Jewish themes on everything from religion to history, literature, food, pop culture, art and more. PRIZES FOR WINNERS! Register hereMicah is a trivia aficionado who ran a biweekly pub trivia night at Mike’s Place in Ottawa and continues to run successful zoom trivia nights. In his professional life he is a Negotiations Analyst at Crown Indigenous Relations—Northern Affairs Canada. 


Wednesday June 10 7:00pm. Adraba Parent Info Session for High School students Grade 9+. Adraba is a blend of traditional teaching and tech, leveraged to expand the possibilities of Jewish learning. Meet Dr. Dav Aviv and learn more about Jewish learning opportunities for your teens.


Wednesday June 17th, 7:30pm. My Walk Through Palestine with Kevin Keystone. Kevin tells us about his twenty-five day, three hundred and thirty kilometre walk through the West Bank, from the northern town of Rummanah to Hebron and Bayt Mirsim in the south. Come learn about the places, people, food, experiences, and ideas he encountered along the way.  Register here.


Wednesday June 24th, 7:30pm. Working with big feelings: Tools for coping with stress during COVID with Shawna Rich-Ginsberg. For many people, COVID-19 will be associated with increased uncertainty and stress. This trauma seminar will help you learn about affect regulation and the various states of distress. Learn healthy ways to acknowledge and cope with emotions like anger, sadness and fear, including grounding strategies and using inner resources like self-compassion. Register here

About Shawna: Shawna has over 16 years of experience providing support, education and advocacy to women and their families through her work in the non-profit sector. Her expertise include acute and chronic health conditions, oncology, death and dying, grief, trauma, post-partum mental health, stress, depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, life transitions, sexuality and sexual identity. Currently, Shawna is completing a Masters in Social Work degree at Wilfrid Laurier University and clinical training in trauma therapy at Women's Collage Hospital. She will be opening a private psychotherapy practice in August 2020.


Sun, 31 May 2020 8 Sivan 5780