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NEVER had a Bar/Bat/BMitvah? It's NEVER too late!


Starting this March, study with Rabbi Goldstein and guest teachers.

This 14-week class is open to members who can make a commitment to come often to Saturday morning services (at least once a month), who have basic Jewish knowledge (holidays, lifecycle, etc) and who can read basic Hebrew words and phrases. 

Our curriculum will go beyond the basics and cover Jewish history, philosophy, the denominations, prayer and Jewish texts, and how to write a d’var Torah.

This will be followed by a 6 week class, where participants begin learning Torah trope, which is the traditional chant for reading from the Torah.  

Those who do not read Hebrew and wish to register should discuss with the Rabbi on ways to learn Hebrew before March or concurrent with the course. 

Both classes will be from 730 - 9 PM.  Additional details to follow.

There will be a group BMitzvah ceremony at an upcoming Shabbat Service in the fall, where you can invite family & friends to help you celebrate.  Each member of the class will be expected to co-sponsor the Kiddush.

Let the Rabbi know of your interest HERE A registration link will be sent to accepted candidates after that.  

Deadline for registration - Jan 31

Thu, June 8 2023 19 Sivan 5783