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Siddur Book Plate


           (sample bookplate mock-up)

Will be used for confirmation.

Bookplate Dedication text: 

All bookplates begin with: 
"A gift from"
followed by 
Donor name(s) and your inscription: limited to a maximum of 100 characters (approximately 18 words).

Dedication examples: 

1. Ploni and Plonit Almoni in memory of their beloved parents, Avraham and Sarah, and Yitzhak and Rivkah.

2. The Almoni family in honour of their fabulous children, Hillel and Shamai, who revolutionized Jewish learning. 

3. Plonit Almonit: May this Siddur inspire everyone who opens it. 

4. Hillel and Shamai Almoni: We love City Shul! City Shul ROCKS. 

Please begin with donor name(s), followed by your inscription. 
Text is limited to 100 typed characters (not counting spaces) which is about 18 words
Tue, February 27 2024 18 Adar I 5784