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Refugee Resettlement Donation Form

The Refugee Resettlement Task Force (RRTF) is seeking help to resettle a refugee family from Rwanda who are expected to arrive in Toronto in August/September. The family members are Bella, her daughter Bantou (age 13), and her son Alpha (age 8). They have been sponsored by an organization in Hong Kong, and JIAS is in charge of their settlement in Canada. City Shul's RRTF is assisting in this process.

We are looking for financial contributions to cover the costs of the following items, with an estimated total cost of $6,000:

  • mattresses for bunk bed, bedding and towels (all must be purchased new as per JIAS requirements)
  • moving costs for pick up and delivery of donated furniture and household items
  • funds for bunk bed and sofa bed if not donated directly

Any funds that are not used for the purposes above will be given to the family.

Please enter an amount below and click the Donate button to proceed. City Shul and the RRTF sincerely thank you for your generous donation.

Wed, August 10 2022 13 Av 5782