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About Us


"All of us are responsible for one another." 
(Talmud, Shevuot 39a)

We are a group of downtown Jews who have created a welcoming, inclusive, innovative, spiritual congregation whose goal is to enrich the downtown Toronto Jewish community and to enliven downtown Jewish life both personally and communally. 

We include people of all kinds: those with classic Jewish backgrounds and lifelong commitments; those just stepping one toe in. Folks not ready to commit who just want to explore. Folks who want to deepen their commitment, connection, and understanding of Judaism. Kids who question; adults who question. Kids who already know and want more; adults who knew and forgot, or who know much but hunger to explore and expand. Non-Jews partnered with Jews. Non-Jews seeking understanding of the richness of Judaism. Singles, couples, empty nesters. GLBTQ folks. Families of all kinds: blended, traditional, same-sex, people with special needs, single parents, interfaith, interracial, typical Jews, non-typical Jews. In summary: anyone looking for a diverse and proudly Jewish community who wishes to be a part of a vibrant, caring synagogue is welcome, and makes up the unique character of City Shul.

We love to sing together, to struggle over interesting texts together, to search for a meaningful Jewish life in the 21st century together. Many of us have longed for a shul to call our own for many years, while many of us are totally new to the idea. We are building this unique community with many different angles and facets so that folks who resonate with our vision can find their way in and make a difference.

Tue, February 27 2024 18 Adar I 5784