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Covid Protocols - Effective April 2, 2023

Effective April 2, we will have the following three-pronged strategy to COVID-19 safety:

1) We continue to encourage everyone to keep their vaccination status and that of their children current, including through COVID-19 boosters.

 2) We continue to ask anyone with cold or flu like symptoms to not attend at City Shul.

 3) We now recommend masking (but do not require it) at City Shul services and events.

Wearing an N95 or KN95 mask continues to significantly reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 even when those around you are unmasked, and wearing one is our recommendation. But our assessment is that the situation today is such that it is no longer necessary for City Shul to require it. This decision is grounded on the best evidence available and on the situation as it stands now. If things change, our protocol will change too.

Masking remains mandatory during March.

The  reason for that is that some people may have committed to be part of a City Shul service or event based on our old protocol, and we want to respect that. Please continue to respect the mandatory mask policy during March. Families with children in our school, please note that Lori will be in touch about masking protocols at the school.

Thank you,

Liron Taub, Chair

Barbara Wade Rose, President

Rabbi Elyse Goldstein

Thu, March 30 2023 8 Nisan 5783