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Passover Pandemic Special Resources

Terry Goldstein's Egg Farfel Muffins 

Yizkor Service

Passover 2020 workshop

Birkat Hamazon-Pesach


Afikomen Game

Prayer for Pandemic

Prayer for Healers

Exodus Trail Mix

Passover 2020 workshop 4 recipes

Chirshi Recipe (Sephardic Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Spread)

Savory Almond Crackers Recipe

Roasted Fish with Lemon Herbs Recipe

Charamelized Nut Cookies Recipe


The Ten Blessings Amidst the Plague

We add a drop of wine to increase our sweetness, using our spoon as a symbol of not using our fingers/hands in a normal way during these times. At the end of the 10th blessing we drink a l’chayim.

1. We are healthy.

2. We have volunteered: to shop for people we might not normally be in contact with, to deliver groceries, to counsel or to call someone struggling.

3. We have reached out: with a phone call, a text, a message, paying attention to our family and friends in a thoughtful way.

4. We are supporting local restaurants by ordering from them

5. We are supporting medical front line personnel by staying home

6. We have learned new technologies and stretched our skills even when we we thought we would resist

7. We have innovated our Jewish traditions and familiar customs and given “going to shul" a new urgency and a new meaning this year

8. We have experienced the arts in new ways: theatre and music, with a new appreciation for the artists who make these things possible

10. We have slowed down in order to pay attention to what is important.

11. We are paying attention to the earth and the environment, appreciating the first buds of spring if even from our windows.

Tue, February 27 2024 18 Adar I 5784