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Former students of DJCS (Downtown Jewish Community School)

Jewish Learning for Jewish Living is the mission for City Shul School. In community with school and shul, we aim to foster meaningful Jewish friendships and experiences throughout the lives of our students.

In order to continue their Jewish learning, we are extending the option of registration to current students of DJCS, as follows: 

1. Learners from JK through Grade 3 (during the 2023-4 school year):

No membership to City Shul is required to participate in City Shul School for any learners under Grade 4. Any DJCS families with children under Grade 4 can enroll in our school whether they are members of City Shul, of another Shul, or not yet a member of any shul. 

2. Learners in Grade 4 until pre B’Mitzvah (Grade 7) (during the 2023-4 school year) whose families do not belong to ANY shul:

Membership to City Shul is typically required to participate in City Shul for any families with learners in Grade 4 and above. City Shul is extending to DJCS families with children in Grade 4 or above a 1 year opportunity to try out City Shul School without becoming a member of City Shul. This exception allows your family to continue with your Jewish learning and we encourage you to experience the connection between our Shul and School and see how meaningful it can be for your family. 

If your family is unaffiliated with any synagogue, students in Grade 6 and 7 will be expected to participate in our covenant, which includes attendance at City Shul’s Shabbat morning services (Grade 6: six services; Grade 7: eight services). After one year of experiencing our school and shul, we hope unaffiliated DJCS families will happily join as a member of City Shul and book a B’Mitzvah date with us!

3. Learners in Grade 4 until pre B’Mitzvah (during the 2023-4 school year) whose families belong to a Shul with no Supplementary School 

We understand that this period for your family can be tricky to navigate as you consider moving forward before your child’s B’Mitzvah. As such, current families of synagogues that do not have a supplementary school will be given a 2 year opportunity to try out City Shul School without becoming a member of City Shul. Learners will not be required to participate in our covenant, but we warmly welcome all families to join our community at City Shul services, events, and programs. 

4. Learners in Grade 4 until pre B’Mitzvah (during the 2023-4 school year) whose families belong to another Shul with its own Supplementary School

We encourage these families to register at their own Shul’s School. Unfortunately, we can only accommodate families who are either unaffiliated or whose synagogues do not have their own supplementary schools.

City Shul School - Registration for 2023/24

At City Shul School we create pathways to explore and live an engaged and connected Jewish life. We infuse our learners with Jewish learning for Jewish living where each learner experiences the diversity of Jewish life through being a part of the larger Jewish world.


City Shul School focuses on an experiential and child-centred Jewish living curriculum (Torah, Avodah, G’milut Chassadim). Our integrated programming includes the arts (music, visual art, drama and multimedia), Jewish ritual, holiday traditions, Hebrew reading, and history.  Tikkun Olam is experienced through student-initiated projects. Additionally, our partnership with UJA’s Shinshinim program facilitates a deeper connection with and understanding of Israel. Our curriculum is explored through lively discussions, engaging centres, hands-on activities, and holiday events.

Our Journey continues weekly on Wednesdays from 4:30 - 6:30 PM (approximately 30 sessions/year).

School begins in JK until Pre-B'Mitzvah (Grade 7).

100% of School Registration Fees are tax deductible - receipts will be sent out in 2024.

Learners from JK through Grade 3 (during the 2023-4 school year)

We offer registration for non-members in our program, from JK to Grade 3.

For former DJCS students register your child/children, for 2023/2024 please click HERE. 

Note - the link above is to a form for learners who will be in JK through Grade 3 during the 2023-4 school year - a separate from is below, for former DJCS students form Grade 4 to pre B'Mitzvah (grade 7), during the 2023-4 school year.

Learners from Grade 4 until pre B'Mitzvah (Grade 7) (during the 2023-4 school year) 

Fees are as follows:

Cost for non-members, Grades 4 to 6 - $1800

Cost for non-members, pre B'Mitvah (grade 7) - $2500.  This includes the B'Mitzvah Shabbaton and monthly learning with the Rabbi

For former DJCS students, please register HERE

UJA Tuition Assistance

The 2023/24 Tuition Assistance Application will be ready soon. 


Please contact our Director of Jewish Learning, Lori Shapero-Press, at or 416-897-6827.



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